Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aren't I too old for school?

My son started kindergarten today. He loved it. He's exhausted. His Mom and Dad are wiped out.

So, I'll keep this one short: Remember how I was talking about fall decorating yesterday? Well, you've got to check out The Inspired Room. Melissa has loads of links to loads of autumn ideas. As soon as my strength returns... I'm going to read them all!

Remember to post some of your favorite ideas or links to your posts here as well. I'll showcase fall fun later in the week.

Now, I'm off. I understand we have to do this kindergarten thing again tomorrow...

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That Girl Designs said...

You are too funny! So glad your little man had a good day. Mine turned 17 today! Boy how time flies.

Jen r. said...

We just started Kindy too and what an experience!!! It's been a week and the novelty has finally worn off... the first day I was dressed and hair done for the bus, today I threw a big sweatshirt on over my pj's even though it was already 80 degrees outside. :)

Tara said...

I'm so glad your son had a nice first day of kindergarten. I'm sure that makes it a LITTLE easier on you. Thanks for stopping in on my blog the other day. I'll have to add yours to my blogroll.

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh we have one in kindergarten too! xorachel

Marie Force said...

He's in kindergarten! Whaaaa! I'm so glad he loved it! That's a cute photo.
xoxo to Mom and Dad!