Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Love These Ideas! Sunday

Have you ever found a vintage item you just love, but can't figure out how to display it so you actually get to look at it often? These ladies present a few solutions:

Jan Ely of Little Pink Houses put these aprons to work as curtains in her kitchen.

And Sherry Williams of Sherry's Rose Cottage displays this vintage prom dress in her dining room. It's on a wire dress form and she's added matching vintage gloves and a hat.

Isn't this better than stashing these finds in a closet or in drawers? Aprons and prom dresses may not be your thing, but there might just be something that you've got tucked away that would make a great "statement piece" - that that says something about you in your home.

Anyone got any other ideas out there for displaying favorite finds?

I'd love to hear more ideas for future I Love These Ideas! Sunday columns.

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Leslie said...

DARN! I was really hoping to see an idea for a crochet beadspread or table cloth! My mom and I were just talking this past week about how we'd like to have an altarnative/ new idea for displaying the ones my grandma made.

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

Hi! I love your blog, and I love your job, I'm a Design to sell freak! Great ideas your sharing with everyone, I have tons of great ideas for re design, I just cut my farmhouse dining table in half and used one half for a wall office desk then the other half for a foyer table , worked out great, I have photos if you want them, I'll be back to visit! Hugs, Kim

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

What cuteness!!

m ^..^

we_be_toys said...

I like the idea of using vintage aprons as curtains but I think they should have matched more - maybe I'm too rigid, though.

I have a picture window flanked by a window on either side, which makes it very hard to find curtains that fit. Add to that, there are two heater vents right below the two windows, so no puddling of curtains is going to work (that and the cats would SO rip those down, sitting on the puddles).
Solution: I bought two shower curtains that were a fabulous tapestry look (indigo, fern green, touch of gold) and hung them with the black iron clips off of a black iron rod. I probably should take them down and line them, but they look fine from outside, and my sewing machine is psycho, so probably not going to happen!

Really liked the re-design you did on the house the post before this too - the uncluttering really showed off the beautiful lines of their house - good on ya!