Monday, August 4, 2008

I'd go back: Only to decorate...then I'd drop out...

Here's what I didn't like about my first college roommate (approximately 30,000 years ago):

  • Not that she went out partying one night the first week of school.
  • Not that she stumbled into our dorm room drunk and woke me up.
  • Not that she threw up and passed out.
  • Not even that I had to clean up her mess since I really didn't know anyone else yet and my choices were: make it go away or try to sleep with it there on the floor all night.

No, what really bothered me was that she ruined a rug that her parents had bought for the dorm room to put over the institutional carpeting.

And I thought that was cool that they did that because decorating a dorm room wasn't that common, you know, 30,000 years ago.

Now there are so many choices for making dorm rooms comfy. So I scouted around to show you a few ideas in case you know anyone heading off to college soon.

OK, bed risers are fairly common and aren't just for dorm rooms... but I do love them. They make room for storage under the bed and give a bed so much more presence.

Macy's has these on sale for $9.99 for four.

JC Penney has these floor loungers on sale for $79.99. They're adjustable. I think they look like a fun place to hang out. offers 80 peel and stick Dottilicious Wall Art dots for $49.99. You can arrange them any way you want.

I like the idea of this Cling Thing Message Board, also from It's supposed to stick to walls without hurting the paint and then you just stick stuff to it.

PB teen has this lounging/storage system. I would have loved this when I was in college... or now.

Has anyone out there found anything fun to add to the list?

PS: Lil' Miss Pukester and I parted ways shortly after she redecorated the rug. I hope she's happy now... or in prison... whichever.

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That Girl Designs said...

You are too funny!

Nice round up of dorm decor items. I think back when I was in college for the first time (yes, 30,000 years ago too) I put up a few posters or something, but that was the extent of my decorating.

aj said...

Love your roommate story! I could write a novel about the few roomies I had:)

Amber said...

Those are some great ideas! I was pretty lucky not to have to live in a dorm in college. I rented a house with two other roommates though and then an apartment. If you didn't have a few stories like that to share though, could you really call it a true college experience? =o)

Monday through Sunday said...

I got the bed risers at Target..LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

That must have been some rug to inspire such bitterness...LOL
love the riser idea- I think I'll use it on my own bed.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, I've been in dorm rooms the past two years with my daughter and they are tough to work with! But fun in their own way! We used the risers and had fun with rugs (ew, glad no one had any mishaps on it!) and lamps and things that don't damage the beauty of dorm room walls!

Happy day,

Claudious said...

Some really great ideas on decorating a dorm room, or any room. I'm tempted to get those dots for my daughter to personalize her room a little without leaving a permanent mark.

Natasha Burns said...

There are some great ideas here! I've never heard of bed risers before, i don't think we have those in Australia, but they are so clever!
Your story is really funny though even if the room did smell and you had to clean up!!!

Brenda said...

HGTV is having a special on decorated dorm rooms / college spaces on Sunday - should be a fun watch!

Nancy Hood said...

too funny!!!!!!!

Judy said...

Sweet ideas! Thanks for posting. When I was looking for new kitchen cabinets I went with these guys. Great prices and selection.