Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where will it all end?

My friend Elisa wanted to make my head hurt and she didn't have a hammer so she posed this question to me instead: Where to stop painting?

Oh man, this is a doozy. The bedroom walls are being painted blue and the ceiling white. But, the two skylights butt up ("You said butt!"... sorry that's what my 5-year-old son would have said if he were reading this post over my shoulder.)

Back to work: The two skylights are really an extension of the wall.

So, I asked myself WWMWBRD? (What Would My Wonderful Blog Readers Do?)

I had a few ideas. I toyed with telling you what I told Elisa in tomorrow's post. But, let's face it, if you guys come up with better suggestions, I would have totally stolen them and claimed them for my own.

So, I'll tell you now what I said:

  • Keep the blue paint going up through the middle of the skylight and paint the ceiling and the left and right walls of the skylight a lighter shade of blue. More work. I'm not sure she'll go for it, and who could blame her?
  • Try painting just the middle strip and let's see what it looks like. If it looks like a plane is about to land there, paint the left and right sides blue, too.
  • If you must end the wall at the ceiling height, then add a bit of crown moulding to create an end to the wall.

Not bad, but I'm sure you could do better. What have you got?

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Elisa said...

Yes! Please! Help us paint our bedroom! Leave your comments so it can be fabulous and not look like an airstrip! (Thanks, Mary...)

Susie Harris said...

Whewwww.... thats a hard one. You could go with a lighter shade up the ceiling then it would flow... thats my two cents worth...smiles, Susie H~

Heather said...

I would do the moulding trick and leave them white inside there. Just my two cents.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Mary, how fun your blog is! I'm glad you left me a note so I could come on over here. I love your witty writing style & always wished I was that must come naturally to some people. I am trying to get my decorating/redesign business off the ground this year & it's been challenging, so I'm glad it is working for you. I know this first year will be a year of networking. Any ideas or tips you have for me would be appreciated. I love doing all this!

So, your dilemma...I think you've covered all the options, at least all that I can think of too. I think that I agree with Heather & would so some simple molding right inside the skylights and paint them white (so that you still have a crisp blue line right up to the skylights. Then leave the insides white. That way more light is reflected from there & you won't have too much glare from a darker color. We have a skylight in our blue bathroom, but fortunately it's all part of the ceiling, which is still white. I'd love to do a lighter blue in there one day, when I can get up the endurance to paint the ceiling.

Your blog is so cute! I was trying to find your archives & it looks like you don't have it out, so I could go back easily & look at everything.

One more thing...I know you're a fairly new blogger from the date on your profile, so could you please take off the letter verification on your commments?? I did a vent on this recently & lots of new bloggers leave them on & I think they don't realize it is on. It's much more conducive to getting comments without that pesky thing.

I'm going to add you to my links!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Hello, I hopped on over from Rhoda's. I will chime in here & say that I agree with Heather & Rhoda.....if you don't go all the way up the wall it will look unfinished. If you added some moulding it would give your eye a place to stop. Just my 2 cents.

Great blog you have here...I loved the butt comment, so cute!

Drop on over & visit me sometime. DebraK

Liz said...

Yikes. Now that IS a hard question. I'm a slave to continuity, so if it were my house I'd probably go ahead and paint the entire wall up the skylight. But, I'm OCD, so take that advice with a big grain of salt.

Adrienne said...

I like the idea of painting just the wall all the way up to the sky light, or getting the moulding to 'end' the wall.

If she did paint the blue all around the sky light hole... then that would dim down the light that comes through.

IF she wanted to do the 'more' work one... and paint the right and left sides of the skylight hole a lighter shade of the same blue (DO PINK DO IIIT, sorry) *achem* a light shade of the same blue, then I think she would have to paint the whole ceiling blue.

And a comment back to the rhonda lady, the letter thing for verification is actually very good and most commenters understand that its there to keep out the people who try and advertize, spam and whatever else they can do to you though your comments, out of the area. Just a suggestion.

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