Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A little amour for the armoire please

The popularity of the flat-screen TV has left an ocean of orphans in its wake: the once-loved, now-neglected armoire.

Furniture consignment stores are chock full of them; Craigslist is overwhelmed with them.

But I'm here to tell you: Armoires were around a long time before the advent of the bulky need-to-hide-them televisions and computers and there are still plenty of uses for them.

A little history: Cavemen used armoires to store their drawings. Vikings hid the keys to their ships in them. And prairie folk put their Popsicles in them, but that was pretty much a bust until they invented ice.

It's been, in fact, only for the last several hundred years that people have stored televisions and computers in armoires. And now that lots of folks are down-sizing those appliances, it's a good time to buy those cast-off pieces of furniture.

The armoire shown here cost $135 at a consignment shop. It is a solid oak piece that was built as a computer station. Now it houses toys. A few baskets and it tames the toys that were in the family room of one of my clients. The shelf that once held the keyboard now holds puzzles.

Armoires are a handsome way to store office supplies, linens and, of course, clothing.

So, in the words of David Soul: Don't give up on us, baby. We're still worth one more try. (And if you don't know who David Soul is and you don't find are dead to me.)

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Apple Joos said...

We're still an armoire family! We keep our destktop in one. I can close the door and technology as I know it has gone away. I love the darn thing.

Thank you for your comment through SITS!

HeathahLee said...

I hadn't thought that the rise of the flat screen would be the fall of the armoire. Hmm, we actually need one...I'll check out some stores!

Hutchlover said...

Interestingly enough, another name for an armoir could be "hutch".

Mrs. Trixi said...

That Armoire is a great find. I will be keeping my eyes out for one. As for the painting, I would be the one asking where to stop. However, I can't wait to see what you do.

Sarah Mae said...

armoires I love...I just need more space for them!

Donna said...

Never give up the amoirie. Never give up on David Soul! You made many a women happy with that comment!

Rue said...

Hi :)

Thank you for coming by my bog!

I do know that song LOL

I agree completely about the armoir situation. Don't people know that they were used for linen before we had TVs?? Back in the day we had to convert them into TV holders until someone came up with them just for that purpose. Does it make me old that I know this?? How about the fact that I remember when TVs and Stereos were their own piece of furniture? LOL


Adrienne said...

I want am armoire. Because.... I see them all over the place! They can store my bundles of scrapping and crafting supplies! Also, You can re-invent one to make a glass enclosure for reptiles (or other animals that need cages)! (If you're into that sort of thing like I am...)

Kate said...

I Just Loved "Here Come the Brides!" ;-)