Monday, July 21, 2008

UPDATED: An idea from my easy friend...I mean an easy idea from my friend

Don't you hate it when you find a really simple solution to a problem...after trying to solve it all the hard ways first?

Perhaps this will save you a bit of that frustration. The photo above is of my friend Marianne's dining room. She recently replaced her dining set with a round table and upholstered chairs in a pretty plaid to complement the yellow and blue toile wallpaper.

She searched all over for a round rug that would fit into the French country decor... and would have the same blue from the chairs and wallpaper... and would be the right size as well as shape. She thought she finally found one online, but it was wrong. That meant paying for shipping - twice.

Finally: The answer! She went to a local carpet store and discovered you can have a carpet cut and bound into any shape you want. Most of us know you can get a rectangle or square cut, but there are all sorts of possibilities. Marianne found several options that would have worked just fine, picked the best one and had it cut into the size circle she needed.

Here's one more trick you can steal from Marianne: While waiting to find the perfect round table for her dining room, she had someone cut a plywood circle and put it on top of her old, oval dining table (with a table cloth).

The carpenter put a little lip on the plywood in a few spots so it wouldn't slip. And you'd want to put a table pad underneath the plywood so you don't scratch the table.

Clever, clever girl, Marianne is. Think I'll hang around with her for another 30 years to see what else she comes up with ...

Update: I've added another photo of the room so you can see the wallpaper as well. I also got a few questions about the cost. Of course, the price of a custom job like this would depend on a few factors, including where you shop, how expensive a carpet you pick out etc.

But, in Marianne's case, getting the carpet cut into the circle in the size she needed added another third to the cost of the carpet. Getting exactly what you are looking for, though, is worth it sometimes.

Thanks for your interest!

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Anonymous said...

I need to see the toile wallpaper for the full effect! Pleease!! (I have a small obsession with toile)

At Home Redesigns said...

Hi: I'll get another photo and post it later this week.


Chris said...

Yeah, uh...everyone knows they'll cut carpet into rugs for you. Like, duh. I'm kidding--I had no clue. You just taught me something! Thanks.

That Girl Designs said...

Great idea. I do wonder to the price of having the carpet cut and rebound. Sounds like it could be expensive custom work.

Connie said...

I have enjoyed reading your comments on my blog. Your have been so sweet. I have enjoyed going back through your blog and reading about all of the things that you do redesigning. Isn't it amazing what moving stuff around can do for any space? It's quite addictive! I'll be back to check in soon.

Good N Crazy said...

I'd love to know how much that cost??? Seriously great idea!

Michelle (hometc) said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I love your sense of humor-that title caught my eye! Good work, I'll check back often.

Bella said...

I never knew you could do that with carpet! I need a round rug, too...hmmm...I just found your blog today, I am off to read more :)

Meander said...

In one of my past lives I mean uhm jobs I worked for a carpet store and there are a MILLION carpets out there that would work for this application so we did this exact thing numerous times! Suprisingly enough, since this is in the dining room a more affordable option made out of say olefin or nylon would actually work best for spills and such. Dixie Home and Shaw have some gorgeous options!

Kimba said...

This is a great tip! I did that a few years ago when I needed a large sized rug for my playroom.
It was so much less expensive than a large area rug. It was the cost of the carpet plus, I think, $2 per running foot for the binding.