Thursday, July 3, 2008

Art or obsession?

You might think the best thing about living (relatively) near the ocean is the view, or the sound of the surf, or the fried seafood.

In fact, the best thing is: Free art in the form of all the seashells you can carry home in the bottom of a tote bag full of sand and wet towels.

Check out this grouping that hangs in my bathroom. I took six picture frames and glued a shell to each, on the outside of the glass.

You could do the same with interesting rocks or bits of sea glass.

I also tossed some in a wooden box in the family room that keeps the remotes in check.

You can glue a collection into an old printer's tray and use it like you would a print or a painting, like I did in my family room.

Or you can use them to in your patio, deck or garden decorating...

You wouldn't want to overdo it, though. It's too late for me... Save yourself.

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Susie Harris said...

I think that is very creative how you use what you have so close by. And to think I have to buy shell at the Hobby Lobby... I would love to live near the water one day... Take care and enjoy your fourth! Susie H~

Songbirdtiff said...

Very pretty! I envy your for living so close to the ocean. Sadly, I'm in landlocked Arkansas. Oh well, it has its perks.

Caren said...

Looks really cute, I especially love the printers tray. I need one of those real bad. I just posted a couple seashell things on my blog too, great minds think alike I suppose!

Angie said...

I really like the grouping from your bathroom! Very cool idea. Now, I just need to add another bathroom to my house so I can decorate it. LOL!

Kimba said...

I love this idea! Especially the seashells glued to the front of the frames. So easy and simple! Thanks for sharing.