Monday, August 11, 2008

Get your running shoes ready: It's almost time for Brimfield!

I'm off this week for some R & R (and that don't mean Redesign and Renovation, folks...).

But! Before you run off... I'll be posting some reruns this week in case you missed them on the first go-around.

Now, I know I haven't been around long enough for reruns... but I figured if Lost can do it mid-season, so can I.

First up: Posts on Brimfield, the largest antique show in all of the world. (I don't know if that's true, but it's big.) AND it's coming up again Sept. 8 through Sept. 13.

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Marie said...

I am SICK with jealousy! I lived in Rhode Island for year so I took advantage of Brimfield once... for a day. Not nearly enough time, but it was all I could manage. Enjoy yourself and find lots of treasures!

FancyPants-design said...

Hi there!! Go to my blog- I gave you a weblog award because your blog is one of my favs :-)

Claudious said...

Have some great R&R!!! I hope you have an amazing time!

Kimba said...

Enjoy your R&R! The rerun posts are great!