Friday, June 6, 2008

Take it outside

It's pretending to be April around here (in Rhode Island) ... but they are predicting a nice weekend (and we are holding them to it).

Here's an idea for you if it's nice where you are, too. Grab a dining table and bring it outside. And chairs, tablecloth and real dishes, too. Set them up in the middle of your yard (or under a tree or on a patio, garden or deck).

Add a few throw pillows, maybe even a blanket from inside and drape if over a chair in case it gets cool.

Add a string or two of electric lights, candles or even LED lights. If you've got a tree, hang them in it. Then at dusk, have a few friends over for drinks or for dinner.

There are all sorts of weather-proof items available today, from rugs to lamps, but there's something slightly decadent about using indoor items outside. It's more festive, more romantic, more fun.

Just be sure to check the weather forecast before deciding whether to bring everything back in right away....there's nothing festive, romantic or fun about finding a bunch of soggy stuff in your yard the next morning.

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Karen said...

Hi Mary. Just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying your blog over the past couple of weeks.