Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer: Bring it on

My son graduated from college this week. Seems like just yesterday we were sitting through his preschool graduation ceremony. Oh wait a minute, I'm wrong. That was just yesterday. Getting ahead of myself a little bit.

His school, a wonderful co-op nursery school, put on a little program. The kids sang songs (well, most of the kids sang son had his own agenda. When the other kids praised the rising sun, my boy covered his eyes and said: "The sun. It burns my eyes!" When they held up letters of the alphabet, he perched his letter "N" on the head of the kid next to him. Doing a duet with a little girl that involved waving his arms, Jude preferred to whack himself in the head. It was a better bit for it, I will admit.)

So, now summer. And summer reading...for me that is.

Here's what I subscribe to these days:

Better Homes and Gardens
Country Home
Country Living
Elle Decor
House Beautiful
Traditional Home

And catalogues of all sorts. Do they count? I think they count.

What's on your summer reading list?

A little P.S. regarding yesterday's post: My mother emailed me to say I should always wear a mask when spray painting (a lot of capital letters were involved). Mom, you are right, of course. Please refer to the complaint department for a number to call to get your concerns on record.

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