Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Steal these baby shower ideas

My cousin is adopting a baby boy from Vietnam and her shower was this weekend. She received a lot of lovely gifts both for her new baby and for children at the orphanage in Vietnam.

There are two things you should know about this shower: One is that I won first-place in the getting-to-know-the-guests game. It's some sort of point of pride with me to win and I often do...even if I have to trample, push or otherwise horrify complete strangers to do it.

(For example: You know that game where you get to steal clothespins or bracelets that guests have collected if you get them to say the bride or mom-to-be's name? Here's how to win: Walk up to a stranger, introduce yourself and then say nothing else.

In an attempt to fill the awkward silence, the woman will inevitably say: So, how do you know (insert bride or mom-to-be's name)? Then you rip the bracelets or clothespins off the person, scream "Loser!" and run away. It's a great way to win...and to get to know people.)

Anyway, the second thing you should know about this party: There were a few great baby shower ideas:

  • The centerpieces were Tonka trucks. They were filled with fortune cookies, because the shower was at an Asian restaurant, but any treat would work, and balloons were tied to them. Some trucks will go to our new little guy, the rest to the orphanage.
  • Guests got to learn some words in Vietnamese thanks to English/Vietnamese flash cards on the table.
  • Finally, the mom-to-be's sister created a book with family photos and asked guests to write a message to the baby. I'm not sure but I think a few people were warning him about me...

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Laura said...

Funny!! Although I don't normally consider myself a very competitive person, I do LOVE to win those cheesy party games. Now I've got a trick up my sleeve to help me next time! (Thanks!) :-)

marysusanne said...

Hello Mary! This is my first time ever posting a comment. I love your party idea and love it when people think outside the box! Funny...my name is Mary, too, AND I am an interior redesigner as well!!!

Kimba said...

Mary, I just love, love, love this idea! I tried to post a comment the other day but it must have gotten lost in bloggy-land. I was planning to link to that post from my Saturday post if it's OK with you. Love your blog! I'm adding you to my faves.


At Home Redesigns said...

Hi Kimba:

Please feel free to use this idea on your blog.

Thanks so much,