Thursday, May 15, 2008

Take a seat; leave the table

Before I set off for Brimfield, I thought I'd show you one more example of something I love that I found there.

At least 6 or so years ago, I got this table. The lines are terrific and so is the hardware. It's an altar table or an incense table, only a lot simpler than you usually see. It's got some age to it (which is what people say when they have no idea how old something is.)

It was a great deal. I paid about $225 for it, just as a dealer was about to load it on his truck at the end of the day. (The wicker chairs were a wonderful find, too...but that's another story.) I've had the table in my family room, in the dining room and now in my kitchen. (I like to shake things up...hence the redesign business.)

One of the best things about this table is this: My sister Kat wants it bad. Been looking for one like it for her for years, and haven't come close. So, it's kind of my insurance policy. Someday I'll need something from her... like a cornea or for her to pay Jude's college education...and I'll be all set...

I'm headed to Brimfield! I'll report back this weekend.

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