Friday, May 30, 2008

Room makeover, a before & after: And clean up those animal bones

Sometimes, when you're a young teenager, the best place for you to live is in a cave. So, the design above made perfect sense when I was given the task of remaking a room where a ceiling beam pretty much cut it in half. (See below for the before.)

(And if you think that room is messy, you are wrong. You just don't get me, never have and never will. And why can't I have a princess phone and an 8-track tape player? Oh, sorry, little PTSD flashback there.)

I hung curtains on rods that were screwed into the beam, on the side facing the bed. To hang the curtains across the foot of the bed, I strung fishing wire from the beam to the wall.

What was once a problem is now a hangout...a great place to talk to friends and tell them how Great Your Godmother Is for doing this for you...

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Kathi said...

Wow! This is beautiful. You are really talented. I'm off to check out your other before and afters.

we_be_toys said...

Nice make-over! I love the use of the parasol as a light shade - one of my favorite ways to diffuse and cover an old ugly shade.
I think the curtains are way cool, and I like the way you've made the bed more of a couch. what girl wouldn't dig this?
PS - 8 tracks were not that great - my brother had one and it was obsolete in like a year! But the princess phone? Yeah, me too - I might have to go get one now, just to make up for it!

Anonymous said...

Nice Room Girl! You go girl. Clean that room up and keep it nice and tighty! 😊😍😄😋😇