Sunday, May 4, 2008

Design, deadlines and Dick Van Dyke

Few things in life have appealed to me more than rearranging furniture, accessories and artwork. Could be the thrill of creating something new out of the old. Could be I like a change in the landscape. Could be I have trouble sitting still and need to do something while I'm watching reality TV.

So, I started my interior redesign business, At Home Redesigns, after working for years as a newspaper and web writer and editor. I get paid to redo rooms in a day and also to get people's houses looking good before they are put up for sale. All those editing skills come in handy. Having learned to think quickly and make deadlines helps, too. Design sense is, of course, essential to it all.

Now that I work on other people's homes, my husband is more likely to recognize ours when he comes home from work. (Think Dick Van Dyke and the ottoman.)

I find I daily have new ideas for sprucing up spaces, that I discover fun or interesting products or that I simply have musings I'd love to pass on.

So, visit when you can. Email with design or product suggestions and questions and we'll talk.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Design Diva!
We love our living room so much since you worked your magic! The blog is a terrific idea. We will be avid readers.
Laura Petrey
aka E. Tavares

onlymehere said...

Hey, I have The Dick Van Dyke seasons on DVD so I know exactly what you mean about the ottoman! I found you on RMS and look forward to checking out your blog! I can use all the design ideas you have as I design more for comfort than anything. Come see me sometime! Cindy

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much "bigger" all our rooms became once you staged our house for sale. I'm loving it, and won't ever go back to all the clutter I had, when we move into the new house. Cuts cleaning time in half too, so now I only have to do it once a year instead of every six months LOL We have recommened you to all our friends. You do have a talent for this!!
Thanks, Mickie